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SMPL is an organization dedicated to statewide coalition building, sound policy research, education and advocacy for substantive drug law reform. We are headquartered in the capitol of Baton Rouge where we lobby at the local and state level, but have affiliates in every major city throughout Louisiana. The SMPL board is a dynamically diverse mix of professionals who share one passion in common for making our laws for marijuana both modernized and civilized. We bring to the task a varied mix of seasoned and younger advocates, different political orientations, ethnicities, sexes, socio-economic backgrounds, birthplaces and skill sets or expertise. By going public with our growing coalition and amplifying publicly available information, we seek to help expose the ulterior motives of the vested drug warriors and undo some of the deep damage that results from the stigmatism of any non-violent fully consenting private consumption of a naturally occurring medicinal plant. learn more

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Louisiana has had more than enough time to get its medical marijuana program up and running. Not only does the state Department of Agriculture have guiding instructions in the form of the 2016 law regulating the effort, but it also has the collective experience of the many other states that have been down this road before us. And, most importantly, it has had two years to get it off the ground. But still there are delays and confusion.

VIDEO: Watch Sen. Mitch McConnell use a pen made out of hemp to sign off on the final version of the Farm Bill…which legalizes hemp.

Southern University has given Advanced Biomedics until next Thursday to pay $2.15 million to the university and make progress on its medical marijuana growing operations, warning the company in a letter that otherwise the university would be “forced” to pick someone else to run its program. Read more

See the results for each state below: Michigan Passes North Dakota fails Missouri Passes Utah Passes  

Available Now for Interview and Analysis: DPA International Drug Policy Expert Hannah Hetzer Contact: Tony Newman 646-335-5384 Hannah Hetzer 917-701-7060 In two separate rulings Wednesday, Mexico’s Supreme Court effectively set binding precedent that ends the country’s prohibition on marijuana use, possession and cultivation. The following is a statement from Hannah Hetzer, Senior International Policy Manager at the Drug Policy Alliance: “This is extraordinary because it is taking place in one of the countries that has suffered the most from the war … read more

The Southern University partnership with Advanced Biomedics (AB) to produce and process therapeutic Cannabis or medical marijuana for the Louisiana patient population is woefully behind schedule.  Given that the state of Louisiana opted to have the fewest number of producers in the country among legal medical marijuana (mmj) states, this situation creates yet another serious problem for the larger program.  With LSU’s partnership having recently harvested their first crop, this puts the mmj supply in the hands of a sole source provider or … read more

Norbert Kaminski, a toxicologist who has studied the effects of Cannabis since 1990, has received a five-year, $2.4 million NIH grant to further his research on the role of Cannabis in decreasing brain inflammation in HIV patients. Kaminski and his team will take blood samples from several hundred HIV patients who will report whether or not they use medical marijuana. From there, they will assess various aspects of the patients’ immune system as it may relate to indicators of systemic … read more

Everyone’s heard the term “jazz cigarette” before. It’s a ubiquitous little phrase that, in today’s era, is more comical than anything else. It’s a slang term uttered with a smirk that veils its actual meaning: a joint. The term, coined in the 1920s in jazz clubs and brothels where jazz musicians played, was appropriate in its original use.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Amid concerns about bottlenecks to access, Louisiana regulators agreed Monday to loosen limits on how many medical marijuana patients doctors authorized to dispense cannabis can treat.

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