Support SB 35

Read Senate Bill 35 here:

Take Action: Tell your Louisiana state legislators that the passage of a medical marijuana bill in 2015 should ensure that no one will be criminalized for participating legally in the program.  Under the new system, it is legal to buy and be prescribed medical marijuana for certain illnesses, but the patient or caregiver have no explicit guarantee of legal protection.  This could potentially further harm the people this system was intended to protect.  SB35 will seek to amend the current therapeutic cannabis law to provide clear protections for anyone lawfully participating in the program. Follow these steps tp contact your representatives today!

  1. Look up your STATE representative and senator (not federal) here:
  2. When you call, you will speak with an assistant. It is important to be polite so that they will convey your message favorably to the legislator.
  3.  Introduce yourself by name, state that you are a constituent, and provide your address (or at least town or zip code).
  4. Tell them that no one should be criminalized for legally participating in the state-approved medical marijuana program, and, if it is a senator, that you want him/her to support and cosponsor Senate Bill 35.
  5. Briefly explain why you care. Do you have a family member who is eligible for the program? Have you seen the devastating effects lack of access to treatment can have on a variety of illnesses? Tell them!
  6. Ask if you can schedule a meeting with the legislator. If you don’t want to do that, join us at our annual Lobby Day on April 19th at the Capitol to fight for patients. Learn more about the event here:
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